If you are regular visitor to The Watch Lounge than by now you must be familiar with the name Roland Iten.

Roland Iten

He is the man behind those wonderfully complex (and expensive) belt buckles that you told yourself you would never, ever buy until you tried one on and started to think that maybe it was worth the cost of a small car. Don’t worry, you are not alone.

There is just something so wonderfully alluring about Iten’s creations, something tactile that can only really be appreciated when you hold the products in your hands. It’s more than just the look and feel though, there is an element of playfulness that I find both intriguing and irresistible at the same time.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to meet the brand’s eponymous founder Roland Iten, than you’ll know that this sense of mischievousness that permeates all his creations is an extension of his personality. It is rare to see Iten not smiling or laughing, especially when explaining one of his creations to a curious newcomer.

Roland Iten Credit Card Dispenser

The Mechanical Dispenser for Credit Cards

The best example of this for me comes in the form of the RCD 81 Mechanical Dispenser for Credit Cards. Long name aside, this is quite simply one of the most fun items in the Roland Iten collection, especially when you or one of your friends are trying to figure out how the heck it works.

Inevitably credit cards will be thrown all over the room at least once or twice as you try to mimic the impossibly smooth action Iten himself has just demonstrated for you, but then again that’s all part of the charm and something that makes the credit card holder –when you finally figure out how to use it – intensely personal.

Roland Iten Credit Card Dispenser

According to the original press release this “light and ergonomic mechanical dispenser for credit cards houses a trigger dispensing mechanism which cascades up to four credit cards for easy handling and collapses them back inside the case with the same trigger action.”

It all sounds so simple and when you nail it, it really is, not to mention seriously cool. Best of all you can perform the entire sequence with one hand. Don’t just take my word for it though, check out the video below featuring Roland Iten demonstrating how to use the RCD 81:

According to Roland Iten (the brand) the extruded aluminium case is ultra-light and its supple density makes it an ideal material for engraving (as you can see in the pictures). A number of variations are available and given that this is a product designed with connoisseurs in mind I am sure a degree of customization is also possible.

Roland Iten Credit Card Dispenser

The Mechanical dispenser for credit cards is issued in a limited series utilising one of two ideal mechanical performance materials – a solid gold architecture or a titanium architecture.

Just don’t expect too much change from US$20,000, although of course where would you put it anyway.

For more information on the Mechanical Dispenser for Credit Cards please visit the official Roland Iten website.

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