Blue watches seem to be all the rage right now and the new Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue Watch has just thrown more fuel on that fire. Created in collaboration with high-end watch and jewellery retailer Bucherer, it joins an exclusive club of Bucherer Blue special edition watches, which already includes the likes of JLC and Audemars Piguet. Available exclusively from Bucherer boutiques this new addition is sure to be a hit with collectors.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue

The new Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue is essentially the same watch as the original Black Bay Bronze unveiled by Tudor in 2016, it’s just blue now. It’s still offered in the same 43mm aluminum-bronze alloy case, which looks super cool by the way, and it is still powered by the Tudor manufacture COSC certified MT5601 movement with 70 hours of power reserve. In fact, the only real difference between the Blue Special Edition and the original, in my humble opinion, is that this new model looks a heck of a lot better.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue

You see, the original Black Bay Bronze came with a brown dial and brown aluminum disc set into the bronze bezel, which I just never really found that attractive. There wasn’t enough contrast and it was all just a bit too brown for my liking. Now the brown dial and aluminum disc have been replaced with blue ones and the look couldn’t be more different. The Black Bay Bronze Blue still has that same vintage feel to it as the original but the dial really pops now, contrasting nicely against the bronze case. This is a watch I want to wear and one that I want to keep in my collection for years to come.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue

Given that Bucherer will be celebrating its 130th birthday next year, it’s safe to say that the retailer has seen and sold a lot of watches in its time. So, it’s not surprising then, that the company’s management had the good taste to pick this Tudor model to join its blue capsule collection. Presented on an aged leather strap along with a second, blue and gold fabric strap, the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue is completed by a solid caseback featuring a special engraving celebrating Bucherer’s 130th anniversary in 2018.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue

Fortunately though we don’t have to wait until then to get the watch as the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue watch is available from Bucherer retailers now for 3,800 CHF.

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