Last month independent watchmaker URWERK unveiled a new, very stealthy looking version of their awesome UR-210 timepiece, codenamed: Black Hawk. Not for the faint of heart, this stealthy new timekeeper definitely makes a statement on the wrist.

The Black Hawk

The official name is UR-210Y but I think you’ll agree Black Hawk sounds way cooler. Now, for those of you not familiar with the 210 already, I have explained how it works in detail here and also done a hands-on review here, both of which are worth checking out as this is an incredible timepiece, and one of my personal favorites from URWERK, featuring the world’s first winding efficiency indicator.

As a quick refresher, the movement in the Black Hawk is capable of calculating the difference between the energy generated and the energy consumed by the mainspring over the last two hours. The outcome of this calculation is then reflected on the dial in the form of a winding efficiency indicator at 11 o’clock. It sounds simple enough but in reality it took the team at URWERK years to perfect the technology.

URWERK UR-210 Black Hawk

In this new limited edition – just 75 pieces – the satin finished, bead blasted titanium and AlTiN-treated steel case has a wonderful black sheen to it, providing a nice backdrop for the contrasting indices in yellow and red, unlike URWERK’s previous UR-210 AlTiN, which had a slightly more subdued dial.

URWERK UR-210 Black Hawk

For the first time ever, an URWERK watch features a fabric strap (black, of course) as opposed to leather. It’s a minor thing perhaps but for me it changes the whole personality of the watch, especially in conjunction with the sleek, black-out look of the case, making it feel a bit more action orientated. This is the watch you strap on when you’re going to do something dangerous, like saving the world from imminent destruction. Very cool.

Source: URWERK

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