Every watch collector has that one story of the deal that turned out to be too good to be true. WatchFacts is here to change that.

What Is WatchFacts?

If you have ever bought or sold a pre-owned luxury watch than you know the process can be anything but straightforward. As with any transaction you do as much due diligence as possible, trying to find out everything you can about the other party you’re dealing with as well as the product they are offering you.

Is it genuine? It is reasonably priced? Does the seller have a good reputation? Sometimes it’s impossible to really know, especially if you don’t do this sort of thing on a regular basis (although regularity didn’t stop John Mayer from allegedly getting burned.)

The thing is though, when thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars are involved, uncertainty is not really an option. This is where WatchFacts come in. According to the company it is the first global and independent watch inspection and verification agency, focusing exclusively on the pre-owned watch market.


How Does It Work?

From a consumer point of view the process is fairly simple. You come across a pre-owned watch that catches your eye but you want to be sure it is absolutely genuine before you part with your hard earned cash. No problems, simply request a Verifacts report on the watch from WatchFacts.

This involves WatchFacts contacting the dealer on your behalf and requesting that the watch be sent to its facilities for independent verification, at no charge to the vendor of course. The dealer has the right to say no obviously, however If they do that should probably be a red flag for you, especially if the watch is selling for more than $10,000.

Once the watch has been received, it is inspected in detail by independent, brand certified watchmakers who undertake a standard “as is” evaluation of the condition and components of the watch. Once this process is completed you receive the Verifacts report, which includes:

–          A check for reported theft;

–          The WatchFacts Score, detailing the overall condition grading of the watch;

–          The WatchFacts Guarantee; and

–          Additional watch observations that help you make an informed decision.

Rolex Zenith Daytona

If you then decide to go ahead with the purchase you complete the transaction with the seller and then they will electronically authorize WatchFacts to release the watch to you. Once confirmation is received your new watch goes straight to the courier and you receive an email with the tracking information.

A few days later you’re showing off your latest acquisition with the peace of mind that what you’ve gotten exactly what you agreed to pay for and all it cost you was an extra $150.

To find out more about how the process works and the other options available please visit the official WatchFacts website.

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Tom Mulraney
Tom Mulraney
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4 thoughts on “WatchFacts – Giving You Peace Of Mind When You Buy Pre-Owned”

  1. This is a great service. I had no idea that WatchFacts existed. It makes things like eBay buying and other auctioning so much more trustworthy. I wish there were services like this for every pre-owned purchase to be honest!

  2. Akbar says:

    Great stuff! I bought a WatchFacts Certified TImepiece and was very happy. I def trust them!

  3. Pradeep says:

    Interested in pre owned Rolex watch

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