3 Leather Watch Straps That Will Change Your Life

Ok, so maybe a new leather watch strap won’t change your life but it will change the look of your favorite timepiece. Who knows though, maybe your stylish new strap attracts the attention of a certain someone on a night out and bam, you meet the love of your life! Or at least the love of your evening. Either way, life changed, just like that. And to think, all it took was a couple of pieces of leather lovingly hand-crafted just for you. Interested? We thought you might be. Here’s three leather watch strap makers we love to get you started.

Vacheron Constantin Makes Watches For The Sartorialist In You

There is no more satisfying a feeling for a man than when he pairs his favorite Swiss (or German) made watch with his impeccably tailored suit. Ok, so there may be more satisfying feelings but the suit/watch thing is definitely top five. Now, centuries old mechanical watchmaker Vacheron Constantin has taken this concept one gorgeous step further. Presenting the new Métiers d’Art Elégance Sartoriale collection.

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Back To Black With The Heuer Monza Chronograph

I love me a good vintage re-issue watch, especially when things are done right. A favorite from (very) recent memory is the new Heuer Monza Chronograph. Officially launched at Baselworld last week, this retro looking throw-back was created in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the original edition of the same name. More on this watch’s fabled history after the jump but for now just take a moment to marvel at that ‘70’s-era cool oozing out of this bad boy.

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The Pen Zone: Baselworld Is Not Just For Watches Any More

When you think Baselworld you don’t necessarily think pens which is understandable given that Baselworld is marketed as the world’s largest watch fair. In truth Baselworld didn’t really figure that prominently on the circuit for the majority of high-end pen brands either until recently. That’s all changed however and the annual fair has become the destination for luxury pen brands to unveil their latest creations. More on how that came to be after the jump plus a whole lot of gorgeous live shots from this year’s show.

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Shut Up And Take My Money: Baselworld Edition

So as some of you may have gathered by now I had to unexpectedly cancel my annual visit to Baselworld this year at the last minute. This was due to circumstances outside of my control and was made all the more frustrating by the fact that my prepaid flights and hotel were non-refundable. Consequently, I have not been able to get hands on with all the new watches I wanted to (well, not yet anyway). That being said, there were still a number of cool new releases this year that – money permitting – I would snap up sight unseen. Here’s a selection of them.