Earlier this year URWERK unveiled a gorgeous rose gold variant of their highly successful UR-110. Now they are following it up with the UR-110 TTH and ST.

Keeping in line with the brand’s futuristic approach to watch-design, each variation incorporates the use of a high-tech material to create two very distinct looking new timepieces.

The UR-110 TTH

The veritable ‘tough-guy’ of the new releases, the UR-110 TTH (shown above) boasts an incredibly robust bezel crafted in tantalum, a particularly hard and dense metal, well known for resistance to corrosion and for its bio-inertness. Unlike some other tough talkers though, the UR-110 TTH has the goods to back it up.

Its armored bezel, attached to the titanium case by six screws, is 4.10mm thick as opposed to the other UR-110 models that have a bezel thickness of 2.40mm, making it incredibly resilient to hard knocks. According to the brand the strength of the sapphire crystal has also been upgraded accordingly and finished off with a military-esque registration number etched on the sapphire crystal at 8 o’clock.

As a final touch the decision was made to leave the natural bluish-gray tint of the tantalum relatively untouched, utilising only the techniques of satin-finishing and sand-blasting to help to enhance the natural beauty of this highly unusual material.


The UR-110 ST

The new look UR-110 ST sees the brand return to a material we are more familiar with; AlTiN – or Aluminum Titanium Nitride to the uninitiated. Originally designed for industry applications an AlTiN coating less than 4 microns thick has the effect of multiplying the resistance of the underlying metal to scratches, shocks, oxidation and even acids.

Unlike the smooth UR-202 AlTiN the titanium case of the UR-110 ST features a series of undulating grooves, coated entirely in AlTiN and contrasting wonderfully against the perfect smoothness of the sapphire crystal. According to Martin Frei, URWERK’s co-founder and artistic director, this effect was intentional with the case of the UR-110 ST designed to encourage its wearer to touch.

“A watch worn on a daily basis should be a source of pleasure – the primal pleasure of possession, naturally, but also the pleasure of the experience of it on the wrist,” he explains. “There is a quote I like from French poet and diplomat Paul Claudel: ‘Sculpture is the need to touch.’ I very much hope the UR-110 ST creates this need.

The Final Word

Dress it up however you like, the UR-110 is one seriously cool watch. With these latest variations URWERK has ensured it has something to suit all tastes whilst also demonstrating the versatility of one of our favorite timepieces through the clever use of unusual materials.

For more information please visit the official URWERK website:

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  1. philip says:

    The watch looks totally mad!
    At least Urwerks are looking forward in their development of watches

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