Feast your eyes on the MB&F LM1 Final Edition, the final Legacy Machine No. 1 ever to be produced. Following a stellar career – over 435 pieces were manufactured during its six-year run – in which it single-handedly launched the incredibly popular Legacy Machine collection, MB&F has decided it’s time to retire its faithful stallion to make way for new and exciting developments. Just what those developments are we will have to wait and see, but for the time being let’s just enjoy the chocolatey goodness that is the MB&F LM1 Final Edition.

MB&F LM1 Final Edition – Steel Case, Chocolate Dial

The first thing you undoubtedly noticed about the new MB&F LM1 Final Edition is its delicious looking chocolate brown dial. MB&F, tongue-in-cheek no doubt, has unofficially classified it as 85-percent dark chocolate and I am inclined to agree. Now, traditionally brown is not generally what we would consider an attractive color, particularly for the dial of a watch, as it’s a little bit plain (maybe even a touch boring). Not so on the LM1 Final Edition however. I don’t know if it’s the hue or the sunburst finish but this dial really pops!

MBF LM1 Final Edition

The other thing that probably jumped out at you is the fact that it is presented in a steel case (!) a first for the LM1 series, which up until this point has only been available in precious metals (with the exception of the limited edition model for Dubai, which was in titanium). This is also only the second instance that MB&F has used the metal in any of its timepieces. Not only does this make the price a little friendlier, it also makes the watch a bit more wearable on a daily basis and believe me, the LM1 is a watch you going to want to wear regularly.

MBF LM1 Final Edition

Mechanically the new MB&F LM1 Final Edition remains largely unchanged, although it now features a new balance bridge, cambered and tapered in the same style introduced by the brand on the LM101 and LM Perpetual. The movement by Jean-François Mojon and Kari Voutilainen is exceptionally finished and always a pleasure to look at. It’s a shame to think that a mere 18 more examples will be made available. We’ve learned however that when MB&F shuts a door it tends to open one heck of a window.

MBF LM1 Final Edition

The MB&F LM1 Final Edition is limited to just 18 pieces and will retail for CHF/USD 79,000 + VAT. Given that LM1 has proven to be one of most popular models the brand has ever made – trumped only by the HM3 – I would suggest that competition is going to be fierce for these final examples. Happy hunting all!

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