I would be doing myself, and everyone out there, an incredible disservice if I didn’t tell you about the wonderfully altruistic brand Rumisu. Founded in 2011, by sisters Deniz Yegin Ikiisik and Pinar Yegin, Rumisu creates, among many other things, masterpiece scarves and pocket squares, guided by a set of values widely based off 13th century poet and scholar Rumi.

“let the beauty of what you love be what you do” – Rumi


Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, Deniz and Pinar’s whimsical personalities can be found in every single piece that they produce. The essence of the entire brand is derived from an altruistic and humanitarian perspective, making Rumisu the type of role-model brand we can all learn a great deal from. This approach to business is, to say the least, one which we can never have enough of.


Each pocket square is hand rolled and made with the finest crepe-de-chine silk, and comes accompanied by a unique linen carrying pouch. Each pouch features a hand crocheted character, which happen to be made in Southeastern Turkey, in cooperation with a United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) that aims to foster sustainable economic development of the region’s women.


The mission statement of Rumisu expresses the idea that it is their love, and curiosity for beauty, that acts as a conduit for philanthropy, and as a platform to create a line of ethically manufactured designs, that give back to their community of origin. Deniz and Pinar see each new scarf and pocket square as the perfect kind of blank canvas in which they have the opportunity to tell a story, convey certain characters and even inspire or set a mood.


Recently, Rumisu launched an incredibly inspiring collection called DSWT X Rumisu. This particular collection contains some of the most beautiful, bright, and colourful scarves and pockets squares on the market today. But the real beauty lies in the fact that when you purchase an item from this collection, an amount up to 45 euros is donated to DSWT (David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust). Founded in 1977, the DSWT has been helping to rehabilitate orphaned elephants, rhinos, giraffes and other species that are threatened by the worst extremes of human insensitivity.

With Rumisu as our role model, we can all be the best version of ourselves by supporting each other and our environment. To Deniz and Pinar, I definitely feel the love every time I proudly wear my Rumisu square. Thank you for being such bright shining stars in our industry.

Find out more about Rumisu, the UNDP, and the DSWT by visiting their websites below.

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